Neurological services                                                                  Cosmetic services 

    • Neurological Consultations

    • NCV/EMG -Neuromuscular testing

    • EEG-Electromyography

    • balance evaluations

    • Dizziness/inner ear testing

    • Neurocognitive testing

    • small and large fiber testing

    • Circulation testing 

    • Botox treatments for migraines, spasticity due to strokes, cervical dystonia(unable to turn head), blepharospasm (uncontrollable blinking) and excessive drooling

    • Alzheimer's evaluation and treatments

    • Parkinson's treatment 

    • many more not listed 

  • Cosmetic Botox 

  • Vampire Facelifts

  • Vampire Breast lifts

  • Vampire Hair Restorations

  • O-Shots

  • Priapus Shot- Also referred to as P-Shots

  • PRP pain trigger point injections



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New Patient Consultation/Follow up            

Botox injections 

varies with ins

$15.00 per unit.

Vampire Facelift/ includes one syringe of juvaderm


Vampire Breast lift




Priapus Shot


Vampire Facial (microneedling) with PRP


Vampire Hair Restoration